My Journey with Bipolar Disorder

I’ve struggled with bipolar disorder for 26 years.  In that time I’ve learned to live through the ups and downs.  While always present, they are manageable.  It is possible to find some level of stability and meaning in life despite the challenges this illness presents.  

I created this blog so you could see snapshots of my life, and hopefully gain some insights.  Understanding is critical for healing.  I’ll post every few days if my work allows.  Because yes, despite this struggle, I am able to live a “normal” life balancing work and relationships.  Never give up hope.

Latest Articles

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What is a mood swing
What do you imagine a mood swing looks like?  In the dump one day and on top of the world the next? ...
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In the beginning
I don’t remember much symptom-wise before the day I broke down crying uncontrollably in class. ...
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What I (should) tell my medical doctors
“And what medications are you taking?”  Yeah, I’m on a cocktail of 4 drugs for a mental illness,...
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Outing this mess at work
I told my employer…in more detail than necessary.  I messaged my boss one day “I have a mental illness...
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